Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm a Grandma!

This is Mommy Portia with Fog, Helios and Persephone. Fog (the grey baby of course) and Helios, the dark gold, are tom kittens. The pale gold is Persephone.


Loretta Ross said...


Actually, the kittens have a home (and names) for life. With me. I've had cats all my life and have never given away a kitten (except in very rare instances to a family member or close friend). This is the first time in almost a decade I've allowed a cat to get pregnant once before having her spayed, so that I would have kittens.

But thank you for the lecture. I'm deleting it now because this is my party (as my friend The Rejectionist says) and not a public discussion forum. I do agree that being a responsible pet owner is important, but going to a stranger's blog and posting a ten (LONG) paragraph diatribe on all the terrible things you imagine are going to happen to my kittens is simply rude.

Loretta Ross said...

Just to clarify, I didn't *deliberately* have Portia get pregnant because I wanted kittens. I just didn't hurry to get her spayed. And, honestly, I didn't think Blondie (the father) had figured sex out. I still don't think he's figured it out. She had to have been the one in charge.