Monday, May 10, 2010

Church and State

There's been a lot of talk recently about separation of church and state. As much as I sympathize with the freedom from religion groups, I'd like to point out that a complete and total separation is never going to be possible.

You see, as long as you have politicians you're going to need some form of religion so you can say, **"Oh, my GOD! What in the hell do those damned fools think they're doing? I swear! There isn't one of them who has the sense God gave a chicken! They all claim to be on the side of the angels, but who needs demons when you've got congress? I guess all we can do is pray that the Devil takes the lot of them before they send the whole country to hell in a handbasket!"

**Please feel free to substitute the language of any other religion of your choice.


laughingwolf said...

too true, all of that! :O lol

Loretta Ross said...

Hi Laughingwolf! :)