Monday, October 12, 2009

I've got a weird one

Last week I found a beautiful clock for only five dollars at a flea market. It was made of polished wood with a brass pendulum and glass covering the entire face and it plays the Westminster chimes and chimes the hour. I brought it home and hung it up in the cottage I'm working on, on a screw that was already in the wall.

The cottage is small, but Amish-built and set and very sturdy. The clock has a heavy metal hanging tab on the back with a keyhole-shaped hole in it, so it has to be lifted up before it can be taken off the screw.

Today I went in and the clock had fallen and the glass is broken out. It still works, though the chimes sound a bit like they're underwater now. The thing is, how/why did it fall? The hanging tab is still firmly attached to the back of the clock and the screw is still solidly in the wall. The door was locked and there's no sign of anyone messing around. There was a storm night before last (I wasn't in the cottage yesterday so I'm not sure when it fell) and there was a window open across the room, but nothing on the sill of the open window had been blown off and nothing else was disturbed.

So what happened?

And, by the way, anyone know where I can get a clock fixed cheap? :-/

2 comments: said...

And, by the way, anyone know where I can get a clock fixed cheap? >>

Marry someone who knows how? Nothing is cheap to fix any more, I fear. Everyone just buys a new one.

Loretta, the clock falling off the wall is interesting. If it had been a picture of a family member, such a thing would fortell their death in traditional folklore.

I don't know about clocks. Sometimes, as I am sure you know, people say a clock in the house will stop keeping time when a person dies. But I don't think a clock jumping off the wall is quite right for this portent.

I hope not. :-)

Loretta Ross said...

I have a friend who claims to be psychic and she says there's a spirit attached to the clock who was protesting because he/she didn't like where I'd hung the clock or that it seemed to be abandoned in an empty building. If she's right, hopefully the spirit is appeased now that I've moved in and the clock is hung in a more prominent place. :)

I've had some more weird things happen since I moved in, but nothing that can't be amply explained by the presence of my three cats. ;)