Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad Luck and Trouble (Not the Lee Child novel)

Did you hear about the woman who got struck by lightning and blown into the path of a semi while diving to get out from under a meteorite that had been chasing her for three blocks? In the rain?


Well, if you do, it'll probably be me.

My car broke down.


This time it went belly-up in the middle of Mile Long Bridge. Just before midday. In a construction zone. I finally got it started again but it died twice more. The last time I couldn't get it going so I pushed it into a ditch and walked the rest of the way to work, getting there only ten minutes late.

I'd started an hour early so I could eat breakfast.

That was Tuesday. It's still sitting where it finally ended up (on the Walmart lot, fortunately, after I got a call from the Sheriff's Department!) waiting for my nephews to be free to either fix it or help me haul it to a shop (the water pump has apparently come out of the closet and realized its lifelong ambition to be a fountain instead). They were going to help me this morning, but last night their step-father had a stroke.

The curse affects everyone around me!

My brother-in-law is going to be okay, fortunately, and tomorrow the boys are going to help me fix my car, barring unforseen complications (which, frankly, I foresee). Actually, fixing the car is my second choice. My first plan, which I'm still rooting for, is for one of the jets flying training missions out of Whiteman to accidentally drop something big and heavy on it and then for the government to buy me a new car.

Of course, with my luck if they DID drop something, they'd probably miss the car and hit *me*.



M. G. Tarquini said...

How about the option where you get a juicy book deal and pay cash for a new car?

Blind Atrocity said...

Poor you! I know how you feel. >.< I'm probably going to be getting griped at at school Monday by someone, and I'm going to tell 'em this: "You were riding my tail in a 55 mph zone, where I was doing the speed limit. Next time, instead of waving you to go around me, would you like me to hit my brakes? Then you can buy me a new car, which I really could use."

*hugs* Good luck with the car.

-Fellow UMer, BA.

Loretta Ross said...

Mindy, that works too! *G* I try not to count my chickens before they hatch, though. My family is superstitious about that sort of thing. You know that whole, "speak of the devil and he shall appear" bit? I have a half-sister that most of my family refers to as You Know Who for that very reason.

BA -- Hi to another UMer! :D There are such a LOT of stupid drivers out there, aren't there?